Lunettes de soleil en coquillage - Friendly Frenchy X Surfrider

Shell sunglasses - Friendly Frenchy X Surfrider

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These shell sunglasses are the result of a patented technology developed by Friendly Frenchy. Inspired by the beauty and diversity of our coastline, the Friendly Frenchy brand has embarked on an eco-designed approach that promotes French know-how. It uses a 100% bio-based material made from vegetable oil and marine by-products from our coastline: oyster, mussel and scallop shells. In addition, it defends the made in France concept. This is why it has chosen to work exclusively with French craftsmen.

These glasses will allow you to fight against the pollution linked to the practices of the petrochemical industry.

Because your eyes need to be properly protected from the sun's rays, the lenses are made by Dalloz, a French manufacturer of luxury lenses.

For three years, Friendly Frenchy has been committed to Surfrider Europe in the preservation of the seas and coasts. From this second collaboration are born two new unisex sunglasses with a simple and timeless design:

The Dune model: rounded vintage shape
The Littoral model: trendy rectangular shape
  • Made in France
  • 100% biobased and recycled material base
  • Natural and renewable resources every two years
  • Natural pigments developed in Brittany (France)
  • Colour: coastal blue (Dune model) / blue (Coastal model)
  • ISO 9001 certified anti-UV lenses
  • Category 3 lenses
  • Label Origine France Garantie
  • Exclusive French manufacturing:
    - frame, injection and assembly
    - solar glass, category 3, 30% bio-sourced material
    - flexible cardboard packaging